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Blanket Light

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Blanket Light  (size 190 x 110 cm)

The Blanket Light protects your body against the effects of external sources of electromagnetic radiation and restores the human bioenergetic field. The Blanket is made out of our unique fabric, Screentex-Light, and doesn’t contain any metal.
The blanket creates harmony in the body's electromagnetic radiation and thus helps calm and sleep.
The reflection of the body’s own electromagnetic radiation can help the regeneration of the central nervous system, activate the immune system, stimulate activity in cells, helping the recovery of the body's systems and organs, and so the body as well as a whole. This creates a calm, deep sleep and leaves you waking up fresh with a good mood.

Soliha recommends use of the Blanket Light:
•    in case of sleeplessness and tiredness;
•    to normalize the central nervous system;
•    increase resistance to stress;
•    lower muscular tension;
•    give strength and energy;
•    support the body after physical strain;
•    to treat sensitive stress zones;
•    to relieve any discomforts while sick or fatigued.

How to use
We recommend to use the Blanket with the Screentex side fabric against your body. Simply wrap or cover yourself in the Blanket when watching tv, working on the pc or when reading a book for 30-60min. 1-2x a day.
Children love using Blanket Light especially when they are tired or getting sick, intuitively they seem to know when to use it and for how long.
Blanket Light is highly recommended and safe for pregnant women and babies.  
You can cover yourself for a full night's sleep or just sleep on the blanket of up to 8 hours.
When using the Blanket, it is common to feel the muscles relax, perhaps a gentle „pins and needles“ on your skin, general relaxation or light sleepiness (everybody has different sensitivity so you may experience non of these). After 3-4 weeks of daily use we recommend to have a break for 2-3 weeks before resuming regular use.

We have ultimate confidence in the Blanket Light and all our products. If your purchase any Soliha product and are not happy with yout purchase,  simply return the product within two weeks undamaged and we will give you a full refund.

Our product contains::
either 100% cotton or 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Screentex fabric: 45% cotton, 46% polyamide, 9% nylon
The Blanket is made of light, airy, non-toxic materials and can be laundered in warm water (40°C) using standard washing products.  We recommend not to iron the product and not to expose to significant amounts of direct sunlight.

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