F.A.Q. concerning the textile fabric SCREENTEX



What principle governs the effect of the bio-polar fabric on the human organism?


Let’s start from point of view scientists approached the body in conceiving the material. They viewed the human body in two inextricably connected ways: first, physiological - the functioning of the body; second, as a bio-energy field - a complex and interactive set of electromagnetic fields operating across a wide range of frequencies. 





Did you ever have a feeling that you feel well beside one person, and that you wish to get away from another one? Such moods and wishes arise in part from the mutual interaction of your biological fields. Your biological field does not have an independent and constant value but varies depending on the electromagnetic radiation of your body and the action of external electromagnetic fields in your environment.


What can influence the human biological field?


Practically everything has an influence – ranging from bad ecology to an enormous and growing number of artificial sources of electromagnetic radiation. We live in concrete boxes filled electric wiring. Moreover, a large number of electric appliances generating electromagnetic radiation surround us at home.  To the extent that these obstruct the body’s natural processes this leads to anomalous changes in your biological field. These anomalies in the structure of your biological energy field lead to negative alterations at the cellular level of the physical body.

In short: Every illness initially manifests itself at the biological energy level of the human body and then in alterations at the cellular level - the beginning of pathology!




The healthy human physical body is in resonance with certain energy frequencies. In the case of illness, homeostatic (harmonizing) mechanisms come into play. Their aim is to return the body’s systems back to normal state. The body enters a renewal process and uses different frequencies in the bio-energy field to achieve this.  Most importantly, the more the body is able to produce energy at the regeneration frequencies, the quicker it overcomes the illness and health is restored!

Our task then is to increase energy at those renewal frequencies!  Disease, may arise in, and will disrupt the bio-energy field and restoring this field is key to the  fast and effective regeneration of the organism. You simply have to eliminate anomalies in the bio-energy field!


It is necessary, if only temporarily, to shield your biological energy field against external electromagnetic fields, as well as to supplement the organism with energy at frequencies that are needed for the transition to a normal state of health. And that can be achieved with the aid of the singularly remarkable textile fabric SCREENTEX®.


The novel composite material – the bio-polar fabric SCREENTEX screens off electromagnetic radiation in a broad range of frequencies – from several Hz to hundreds of Hz. Research has shown that when the human organism is shielded by the above-mentioned material, its biological energy field:

- receives less external pathological electromagnetic radiation

- reflects the body’s own electromagnetic field at frequencies that are necessary

  for the transition from the disease to normal state.



What are the differences and virtues of our products made of the SCREENTEX fabric as against other products presented on the market that decrease the effects of electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?


Since the 1960’s, when high-frequency and ultrahigh-frequency apparatuses appeared, textile fabrics began to be produced with various metal threads - silver, copper, nickel, etc. Our fabric contains NO METAL. Metallic fabrics screen some radiation; however, at the same time they isolate the organism from more positive electromagnetic radiation. Therefore, they cannot be applied to everyone (e.g. metalized fabrics are not recommended for pregnant women), and they can be applied only for very limited periods without risk of significant injury or even death. Our fabric simply decreases the levels of negative radiation!!!  Thanks to the unique complex structure of our fabric (it isn’t just a wire or thread), products made of the textile fabric SCREENTEX, screens radiation on a broad frequency range – Ultra-Violet, Infra-Red, household Wi-Fi to Ultra High Frequency. However, the most important point is, that the fabric reflects back to the body its own radiation, whereby renewing the organism’s biological energy field. Currently, no-one else can produce such a fabric; and just as years ago, the market still offers essentially metalized textile fabrics.


What is the fabric made of ?


The BIOPOLAR FABRIC “SCREENTEX” is a composite material of a cotton basis and complexly structured bio-polar threads composed of polymer nanostructures.


Does it have any side effects?


The bio-polar fabric “SCREENTEX” has no negative side effects. Its application is being prescribed to pregnant women and babies from the very first days after birth. To obtain the maximum therapeutic effect, it is appropriate to proceed according to your caregiver’s recommendations for its application.


Can frequent application cause any harm?


As had been mentioned, products made of the fabric “SCREENTEX” have no side effects; one can use them either infrequently regularly. The frequency of application depends on the individual and the disease being treated.


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