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Shawl Premium

155,00 EUR

Shawl Premium

The Shawl is made of the bio-polar textile fabric “SCREENTEX” and covered on both sides with a decorative cotton fabric.

The Shawl is applied for the protection of various parts of the human body against external sources of electromagnetic radiation, as well as for the restoration of the biological energy field in that area of the body. Wearing the Shawl on various parts of the body (neck, head, spine, knees, elbows, etc.) creates resonance at frequencies of the body’s own electromagnetic radiation, and as a result, pains disappear, fatigue and tension recede, capacity for work increases, and reaction to geomagnetic radiation decreases.

The Shawl can be applied separately as well as in complex therapy together with, e.g. pharmacotherapy, physiotherapy or reflexology.

The Shawl can be used uninterruptedly during the day or periodically 1 – 3 times a day, according to requirements.  Normally 30-40 minutes relaxation wearing the  Shawl is sufficient to  to restore emotional balance.

The Shawl is prescribed for protecting the human body against the effects of external sources of electromagnetic radiation, as well as for the prevention and removing of various physiological imbalances and may be used:
at a computer or near TV, electric and microwave ovens;
during travel in the metro, electric trains, airport, in the vicinity of high-voltage electrotransmissions, etc.;
after long cell-phone calls;
alterations in the thyroid;
headaches, pain in the cervical and lumbar spine;
laryngitis, pharyngitis, acute viral respiratory infections;
altered renal function.

The textile the Shawl is made of is light, airy, non-toxic, withstands multiple regular laundering in warm water and usual washing products without losing any of its properties.

Sizes:  190 x 40 cm (74,8 x 15,7 inch)......155,- Eur.
            190 x 60 cm (74,8 x 23,6 inch)......190,- Eur.

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