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Face mask

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Face mask

The epidermis of the face is unprotected, exposed to the wind, dust, solar radiation, rain, frost and atmospheric pollution. Besides that, in many people the effects of nervous breakdowns and stress are reflected in the facial epidermis. Therefore, it needs treatment with day and night creams.

The Bio-energy Mask acts immediately in everal ways: it improves the tonus of the skin, eliminates tension, smoothens wrinkles, improves the color in the face, and also preserves essential hydration.

First we started to make this mask for sensitive and irritated skin but we found out it has more uses then expected. For example:
•    After long hours working on the pc
•    After eye or eyelid operation
•    After daily use of contact lenses or glasses
•    When headaches and migraine
•    After stressful day
•    When difficulties with sleeping
•    Upper respiratory tract release (colds)

How to use
You can use the mask whenever you like it. we just recommend using it twice a day when you are relaxed best in the morning, before getting out of bed 10 – 15 minutes and in the evening, before sleep for 30 – 40 minutes (falling asleep wearing the mask all nigh is not a problem). Typically our customers feel a pleasant warmth, perhaps slight prickles on the surface of the head and the removal of tension.

We have ultimate confidence in the Face mask and all our  products. If your purchase any Soliha product and are not happy with yout purchase,  simply return the product within two weeks undamaged and in its original packaging and we will give you a full refund.

The Face mask is made of  light, airy, non-toxic materials and can be handwashed in warm water (30°C) using standard washing products.  It must not be ironed!

Inside of the mask we use Screentex Active materiál and for upper side of the mask  we use either 100% cotton,  or 95% cotton and 5% elastan.

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