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Eye mask

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Eye mask

We can consider eyesight as one of the most important sense organ of a human. Almost 80% of information we gather is simply when we open our eyes.

Eyes are very sensitive and important organ, that is why we have to look after it. Soliha offers Eye mask which regenerate eyes and eyelids after a long day. Inside of the mask is used unique fabric Screentex-Active which protects your eyes against the effects of external sources of electromagnetic radiation.

•    After long hours working on the pc
•    After eye or eyelid operation
•    After daily use of contact lenses or glasses
•    While falling asleep

How to use
You can use the mask whenever you like it. we just recommend using it twice a day when you are relaxed best in the morning, before getting out of bed 10 – 15 minutes and in the evening, before sleep for 30 – 40 minutes (falling asleep wearing the mask all nigh is not a problem).

It can be used during normal sleep or during travel or simply when you need to rest and have a good sleep.

We have ultimate confidence in the Eye mask and all our  products. If your purchase any Soliha product and are not happy with yout purchase,  simply return the product within two weeks undamaged and in its original packaging and we will give you a full refund.

Soliha recommends:

The mask can not be only used for your eyes, but you can put it on your neck if you have sore throat, forhead if  headache.

The Eye mask is made of light, airy, non-toxic materials and can be handwashed in warm water (30°C) using standard washing products.  It must not be ironed!

Inside of the mask we use Screentex Active fabric and for upper side of the mask  we use aither 100% cotton, or 95% cotton and 5% elastan.

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