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Bandana Light

The Bandana protects your head against the effects of external sources of electromagnetic radiation and can help to cure headaches.
Wearing the Bandana increases your natural, biological electromagnetic radiation and thus the impact of external radiation which in turn reduces headaches and tiredness you aren’t tired and gives you more energy to live your life.
Bandana has a triangle shape sizes 100 x 70cm.
 Soliha recommends use of the Bandana:
•     where the person is exposed to electromagnetic radiation, such as computers, TV, cell phones, microwave ovens,      TV  and radio transmitters, industrial and household electrical appliances and radios;
•     in cases of increased sensitivity to geomagnetic radiation;
•    after long daily cell-phone calls.

Used in this way we believe you will obtain the maximum benefit from the Bandana.

How to use it

For headache relief, the Bandana can be used all day.  To restore emotional balance normally 30-40 minutes relaxation wearing the Bandana is sufficient. Typically our customers feel a pleasant warmth, perhaps slight prickles on the surface of the head and the removal of tension.
We recommend to use the Bandana for 3-4 weeks, pause for 2 to 3 weeks and then resume use on a similar schedule.
In case of any discomfort, the Bandana should be taken off for a few hours (or until the discomfort passes) and then tried again. Try using the Bandana while working on the pc and enjoy the feeling of reduced tension!
We have ultimate confidence in the  Bandana and all our  products. If your purchase any Soliha product and are not happy with yout purchase,  simply return the product within two weeks undamaged and in its original packaging and we will give you a full refund.

Our product contains::
either 100% cotton or 95% cotton, 5% elastane
Screentex fabric: 45% cotton, 46% polyamide, 9% nylon
The Bandana is made of  light, airy, non-toxic materials and can be laundered in warm water (40°C) using standard washing products.  We recommend not to iron the product and not to expose to significant amounts of direct sunlight.

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