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Baby blanket

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Child Blanket

For the healthy and regular development of a child, it is necessary to pay attention to its central nervous system from the very first days of its life, all the more these days when the child’s organism is exposed to the destructive influence of technogenic sources of electromagnetic radiation (EMR) and especially computers, household appliances and other electronic apparatuses.

The Blanket made of SCREENTEX fabric can be rightly considered to be one of the most effective ways of renewal of the child organism from baby to school age.

Regular application of the Blanket facilitates a quite rapid renewal of the biological energy field of the child organism and the normalization of disordered processes in its vital activity.

The Blanket renews the child’s biological energy field through the unique properties of the biopolar SCREENTEX fabric produced with the implementation of cosmic and nano technologies. This fabric doesn’t contains any iron!

The basis underlying the mechaniasm of the healing influence of the Blanket is the mutual energy-informatic interaction of the child’s organism (its biological energy field, to be more precise) with the SCREENTEX fabric which on the one hand decreases the action of external technogenic electromagnetic radiation, and on the other hand, reflects back to the organism and redistributes its own electromagnetic radiation in a broad range of frequencies – from infra-red to ultra-high. The returning of the child’s own electromagnetic radiation facilitates the renewal of the centeral nervous system, activation of its immunity system, stimulation of intracellular photo-chemical reactions – whereby causing the recovery of each organ, system, as well as of the child’s organism as a whole.

As has been demonstrated by practice, the covering with or wrapping of the child in the Blanket for 40/60 minutes a day is enough to initiate the mechanism of bio-energy renewal of its organism.

What are the merits of the Blanket made of SCREENTEX fabric ?
it normalizes the child’s central nervous system
improves the child’s sleep
increases resistance to stress
lowers muscular tension
increases the immunity of the child’s organism
eliminates pain
normalizes metabolism
increases prowess, stamina; gives strength and energy

The Blanket made of SCREENTEX fabric contains no toxic substances and has no negative influence on the child, on the contrary, it facilitates the renewal of the not yet complete biological field of the child, upon the destructive action of external technogenic sources of electromagnetic radiation.

The fabric which the Blanket is made of, is airy, non-toxic, withstands regular laundering in warm water with the usual wash products not losing any of its properties.
The blanket is size 110 x 75 cm.
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